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The Brandford Plan

As sheriff, I will usher the Sheriff's Office into 21st century policing protocols and engage in crime reduction strategies to win our city back. My plan is progressive, bold and includes community-based policing philosophies, not tired and dated practices. WE CAN DO MORE!

Strategy 1

Secure and Protect the Courthouse and Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) with continuous assessment for potential risk factors.

Strategy 2

Broaden the Sheriff’s Office engagement of youth within Baltimore schools and neighborhoods

Strategy 3

Engage offenders and potential offenders within established transformation zones.

Strategy 4

Create the office of youth engagement within the office of the Baltimore Sheriff’s Office.

Goals & Achievements

As the Homicide Commander I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of Case Management and Criminal Investigations

Career Appointments
•Promotion to Chief
•Promotion to Major Promotion to Captain
•Appointed to Detective Lieutenant Promotion to Lieutenant
•Appointed Detective Sergeant Promotion to Sergeant
•Appointed to Detective

Baltimore Police Commendations
• Bronze Star
• Special Service Commendation
• Letter Of Appreciation
• Commendatory Letter
• Various Citations Baltimore City Council

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As crime continues to affect the citizens of Baltimore City, the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office can and must do more to assist the City in its overall efforts to fight crime and foster a better relationship between our citizens and the law enforcement community. Under my leadership, the Sheriff’s Office will introduce new ideas to assist the City in its crime reduction strategy and build community trust in law enforcement.

Our Endorsements

Please check back to see some of our endorsements. Together We can do more for Baltimore City. We look forward to making a difference in Baltimore City.

Our Team

Kevin Turner

Campaign Manager

Angela Brandford

Campaign Chairman

Ruth Howard


Wallace Beal Jr

Field Director

Steven Duncan

Field Director

Melvin Wilson

Field Operations Manager

We are Transparent & Hard

Our goal and mission is to work hard to do more for Baltimore City and we know that with your vote and support, this goal will become a reality.