Vote for Stanley Brandford

Democratic Candidate For Baltimore City Sheriff

As a native Baltimorean, Stanley Brandford has dedicated his life to civil service, and he believes we can do more. As a product of the city, he sees himself in the youth of Baltimore, and he knows a rose can grow from the concrete. Through his positions of civic service, there’s been an underlining yearning to change the status quo and examine the root of the problems and proposing solutions. This passion to serve and his leadership experience are what makes him the most qualified candidate to be the next Baltimore City Sheriff.

In his capacity as the Chief of Criminal Investigations for The Baltimore Police Department, Stanley commanded over 500 detectives, analysts, and civilian personnel that investigated a myriad of crimes ranging from homicide and sexual assault to domestic violence and warrant apprehension. He also commanded detectives assigned to various federal cases. Stanley created and managed the Opioid Taskforce which investigates opioid and heroin overdoses and tracks down suppliers and street-level offenders.

Stanley attended and graduated from Southwestern High School. Knowing early on that he wanted to dedicate his career to public service, he joined the United States Marine Corps. While in the Marine Corp, he attained the rank of sergeant and learned various leadership skills that would lay the foundation for his future. In 1990, he joined the Baltimore Police Department and was assigned as a patrolman to the Western District. During his tenure with the Baltimore Police, he ascended through the ranks in various leadership positions and attained two of the department’s highest honors, the Bronze Star and an Accommodation Award for his tenacity and dedication in solving crimes.

Stanley completed the Leadership Management program at the University of Maryland University College. Mr. Brandford also holds certificates from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Response Framework, the Wiland Associates Executive & Senior Management Course, and the Harvard Associates Homicide Forensic Investigators School. As part of his community relationships, Stanley retains a Lifetime Membership with the NAACP, a membership with the International Chiefs of Police, the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association and the Harvard Associates in Police Science. No matter how good or bad the City of Baltimore is portrayed, one thing that is evident, Stanley has never left. Unfortunately, tragedy is no stranger to Brandford. While serving in the United States Marine Corp, Stanley received news that his younger brother was murdered in the City of Baltimore. Turning heartbreak into purpose is the reason for his dedication to social justice for all.

No matter how troublesome or depraved the streets of Baltimore become, Stanley stands in solidarity with the community in the belief that people work hard to achieve great things for their families and especially for their children. His ability to unite the Latino, African- American, Jewish and Asian communities is a mainstay for his programs as well as campaigning for peace and education.

Stanley is a devoted family man. He has been married to his lovely wife Angela for 20 years, and they have five children. He also enjoys spending time with his extended family.

Stanley Brandford has dedicated his life to civil service, and he believes we all can do more. He believes in the citizen of Baltimore, and he is asking them to believe in his leadership abilities to lead our Sheriff’s Department to new heights.